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Eye Camp organised in Borkhedi village by the Sangam in co-operation with the local Government Primary Health Centre




Leprosy and Tuberculosis Awareness programme held in Bamhani Community Hall for local villagers.




Inauguration of the Rainbow Guesthouse's refurbished
Solar Water Heating system and the new Roof Top Garden




Leprosy and Tuberculosis Sensitisation Programme




Fair-trade project for the Sewing and Tailoring Class Students




Weltwärts Partner Conference was held from 19th to 22nd February in the Rainbow Guesthouse and Conference Hall

    26/01/2019   Ecumenical Sangam staff and TBAs celebrate the 70th Republic Day of India in the Rainbow Guesthouse  
    31/12/2018   Trained Birth Attendant training programme  - an insight into the experiences of the Doctors and trainees  
    27/10/2018   A Farmer's Mela was held in the Community Hall at Bamhani Base Centre by the Organic Farming Team for local village farmers  
    15/09/2018   An Educational Trip by the Village Health and Social Work Students to Anandwan village where education and training facilities are provided for Leprosy sufferers  
    29/08/2018   The Leprosy and Tuberculosis Awareness programme given a boost with the added support of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development  
    21/07/2018   A training programme was organised by the Ecumenical Sangam in Community Hall at Bamhani Base centre by the Organic Farming Team to encourage farmers to convert to Organic Farming  
    29/06/2018   An evening Awareness Programme was organised in Jaypur Village on farming methods  
    30/05/2018   A training day was organised by the Ecumenical Sangam in Bamhani Base centre on organic fertiliser preparation by the Organic Farming team on the Erbacher Foundation Programme  
    24/04/2018   An Evening Meeting was organised at Ajangaon village to inform village farmers about the advantages of Organic Farming and discuss the savings that could be made by converting to Organic Farming methods under the Erbacher Foundation Programme  

International Women's Day was celebrated in the Community Hall at Bamhani Base Centre


Organic Farming Awareness and Training Programmes

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