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  Wasudeo   Wasudeo Dhorpande   “With a profit of 4000 Rupees (£50) per month my shop gives me a far better income and more satisfaction than just working as a daily factory worker”  
  Sangita   Sangita Nagpure   “Since I was affected by polio it has been very hard for me to find work and I was very pessimistic about my future. To be able start my own Tailoring Business after participating in the Sangam’s Sewing Class has completely changed my life.”  
  Azad   Azad Sheikh   “Since I am working in the company my voice matters much more and my family treats me with lots of respect”  
  Karuna   Karuna Rawale   “As a Village Health & Social Worker, everyone in my village knows me. The villagers treat me with lots of respect now that I can treat illnesses and I can even improve my income by selling the medicine.”  
  Rahul   Rahul Hande   “Having the government certificate in my hands had a huge impact in finding a good job”  
  Pankaj   Pankaj Awchat   “There is no other way out – Education is the key for a better life. Otherwise we can only work as daily workers with a very low income.”  
  Ujjwala   Ujjwala Nagrare   “The Village Health & Social Workers course is not only helpful for the participants themselves but also for their families and neighbours in the village, as they will be able to treat diseases and give injections. The girls learn to stand on their own two feet while helping the community.”  
  Pradip   Pradip Sahare   “Both of my brothers are field workers, which is hard work with a very low salary of only 70 Rupees (93p) per day. So I decided to go for a better future with a technical education”  
  Deepali   Deepali Gavarale   “When I was a field worker at the age of 17 I worked very hard for only 25 Rupees (33 p) per day. Thanks to Sangam's Training Courses I have become a nurse in Nagpur with a monthly salary of 3000 Rupees (£40), so now I can save money and send it back to my family in the village whenever there is a need.”  


  Sunandha Durhve   “Since I have my own income as a Tailor I feel much more respected by my family. Now they ask for my opinion in decisions on family matters.”