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Kindergarten in the base centre


The range of Sangam's activities includes a kindergarten school in Bamhani with 2 classes of 30 children between the age of 3 and 5 from the surrounding villages.
The school has a well-equipped playground with a swing, a slide and a seesaw, and the classroom is provided with charts and a big chalkboard. The monthly fee of Rs. 60 per child covers transportation from home to school and back as well as two daily good quality meals and a school uniform. The school uniforms are made by the young ladies in the tailoring classes and a second school uniform may be purchased for 200 Rupees.

The kindergarten is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and usually the latest of all children arrive at 11 a. m. The day starts with watering all the flowers in the gardens and flower beds surrounding the buildings of the Base Centre. After the plants receive their ‘food', it is breakfast time for the children.
After breakfast, all attention and concentration is turned towards learning. The students, for example, with the aid of nicely illustrated charts, learn the names of animals, vegetables, flowers, trees and body parts as well as numbers and the alphabet. The children not only learn the Marathi words, but their English and Hindi counterparts as well.
Each child has his/her own slate and practices writing the words just learned, often illustrating the word with a picture.

Around one o'clock, the children have lunch and then take a short nap. With the lunchtime meal, a daily supplement of vitamins, iron and calcium is given. Regular health statistics are maintained with each child being weighed and measured monthly together with attendance and sickness records.

The acceptance of the kindergarten in the villages is high and there is not only the demand for more kindergarten places but also several requests have been made for a primary school facility to be run by the Sangam in Bamhani.


Morning Assembly the playing ground

  Kindergarten in the Sub-centres  

The Ecumenical Sangam runs Kindergarten classes in all the three rural Sub-centres in Sawangi Burg, Gondwananagar and Narayanpur providing the same approach to education with similar transport and meal arrangements. Due to popular demand by the villagers a second class has been introduced in all three of the Sub-centres.

All the teachers have attended the Village Health and Social Workers training course so that they are well equipped to monitor the health and well being of the children in their charge. It is our endeavour not only to help the children with basic learning skills but also to help them to understand the importance of personal hygiene, manners and etiquette. We also strive through regular parent-teacher meetings, to involve and build awareness in the parents about their children’s potential and to seek cooperation in ensuring their growth and development. The parent-teachers meetings are an effective forum to achieve this objective.

In total there are currently more than 200 students enrolled in the Sangam's 8 kindergarten classes receiving quality education in the Base centre and the three Sub-centres.