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From October until December 2007 I stayed with the Sangam as an ASA/GLEN scholar and worked on the project `Public Relations for rural development`. For me, the time spent in Nagpur was an enriching experience which I would not liked to have missed.

(Anna Weritz from Hamburg, Germany)

Supporting us as a volunteer will offer you the possibility to broaden your views and experiences while working in a team with international volunteers. We welcome all individuals, irrespective of age and background. All you need is motivation to share your knowledge and willingness to devote some of your time. Identify your most useful skills and choose in which area you would like to get involved:

•  If you have a background in Health and Health-related issues? Support the Ecumenical Sangam in organising Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Awareness Camps in the rural villages and urban slums around Nagpur.

•  If you come from a legal background, as a Law Student or related sectors, share your knowledge with those who are unaware of their basic rights! Help in organising Legal Awareness Camps to empower villagers and slum dwellers through the Rule of Law. Making people aware of schemes like the Right to Information Act which is of tremendous importance in fighting corruption and in promoting development.

•  If your background or future area of interest is in Business Management? You can support the empowerment of Self Help Groups through Micro-Enterprises.

• If your interest is in Agriculture and Environmental sustainability? Help us to spread and improve knowledge of Water and Soil Management among the local farmers through our model farm at our rural Base Centre in Bamhani, 35 km south of Nagpur.

The timeframe of voluntary work is flexible and depends on your personal availability and our requirements. We welcome all kind of commitment, whether you wish to volunteer once a week or once per month for a specific project.

If you are interested in supporting us as a volunteer please contact our Office .

International Volunteers and their activities for the Sangam

In collaboration with our German partners Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit (DIZ) we work with German and European volunteers under the European ASA-GLEN-Programme and the "weltwärts" (world-wards) - Programme of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


Julia Schmieder from Frankfurt in Germany joined the Ecumenical Sangam on the 2nd September 2017 and will be working with the Sangam in Nagpur until March 2018 mainly in Bamhani Base Centre helping to teach English to the Village Health and Social Workers on the current training course and children in Kindergarten Classes plus the Trained Birth Attendants course in the Rainbow. She will also be assisting the Sewing Class teachers in Bamhani Base Centre and Sawangi Nagar Slum Centre in developing the Fair Trade Project.




Weltwärts Chronicle - June 2014 - download

German Nationals who are interested in participating in the "weltwärts"- programme can contact our partner Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit (DIZ) . The ASA-GLEN-Programme is open to all European Nationals. Further information on this programme is available on http://www.asa-programm.de/en.